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Smart Business Systems is a southeast Michigan-based consulting company that provides reliable, low-cost business solutions to meet your IT needs. For over 15 years, Smart Business Systems has assisted organizations of all sizes in creating custom database solutions that effectively manage business data. We also have a proud tradition of transforming complex business processes into simple automated tasks through the use of technology.

One of the ways we accomplish this is through the creation of customized Microsoft Access databases. Microsoft Access is very user-friendly and powerful but yet, relatively inexpensive. Microsoft Access also runs on your existing hardware and has many of the capabilities of a large, server-based database. The program is also easily incorporated into any sized business. No matter how big or small your business is, customized Microsoft Access databases can work for you!

Smart Business Systems can provide solutions for your business regardless of location. While we are willing to travel if the project requires, the majority of projects can be facilitated via e-mail and telephone. This benefit eliminates the additional costs typically associated with this type of project.

Smart Business Systems recognizes that your business data is the key to your success. A Smart Business System custom database will enable you to easily manage and manipulate your data. You will be amazed at the ability you have to create dynamic, real-time queries and reports. Let us unlock your data potential through the use of a custom database today!

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